Andreas Dorgiomanolakis & CO
Cretan Ceramics - (Cretan Pots)

Our Cretan traditional ceramics business "A. Dorgiomanolakis & Co" has been active in manufacturing ceramic vessels in Thrapsano since 1950 with great success.

The main factors that contributed to the progress of our company have given us a leading role in the purchase of pottery. Our experience, the quality of our traditional materials and our proposals.

The construction is handmade and based on the traditional principles of pottery, but guided of the imagination and search from the traditional to innovative, ceramic art is emerging as a timeless and applicable value.

Today we manufacture traditional Cretan pots, handmade pots, window plant boxes and many other ceramic items.

The Cretan pottery business following the rhythms of progress is also opening its doors on the internet from where you can be informed about our corporate identity, our products and our news...